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TS is an established leader in outsourced ‘End 2 End’ international business development operations. Our engagements cover C-Level missions at the strategic level ranging from advisory and planning to more specific operational Task Force missions concerning the implementation of business development plans such as research, due diligence, the establishment of regional offices and identification of new business opportunities.
Capacity building is an integral part of TS “client empowerment” strategy and is reflected in our customized training programs that address the sophisticated needs of senior management to skill development for career progression of management and junior executives.
It is imperative that follow-through of training programmes, consultancies and assignments are implemented to ensure continuity and empowerment. Hence, TS has taken an initiative to establish the TS Global Resource Centre (TSGRC) as a knowledge exchange centre and a virtual learning environment for executives, governments officers and leaders. It will be enriched with articles, journals, e-books, white papers and historical data that will be useful for the movers and shakers of various sectors. TSGRC is a subscription based portal and will be opened to the general public by August 2010.

Greenfield Catalyst Project - Knowledge Economic City, a USD 10 bil City Scale Development in Madinah.
Southern Industrial and Logistics Cluster a USD 1.5 Billion mixed industrial zone project focussing on Advanced Technologies and Green Technologies located in one of Malaysia’s Economic Corridors
Islamic Development Bank Group’s (IDB) Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI), the 57th member of OIC and principle development financial institution for Islamic Countries.


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